Thursday, October 10, 2013

say what? {Wyatt and Ella}

Just a few random quotes from the crazies littles.

Wy: "Hey Yella, where's our kitty?"
E: "I don't know. I haven't seen him in awhile."
Wy: "Me either."
Our Willie cat has been gone for a year! Yet these two are constantly talking about him.  And yes, they’ve been told he’s dead.

Ella: “Mimi needed a re-do on her puzzle today because she’s old.  Like you.” Mimi does look young, but apparently I look older.

When Ella talks about China and the day she met us…”You were so strange.”  She’s trying to say that we were strangers.

Wyatt somehow ended up out of his chair, I think he fell.  Either way, he somehow got himself into this position and started demanding yelling “I need a rope! I need a rope!!!”  over and over until Chris helped him up. Wyatt is a ham, for sure!
Video coming soon!


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