Tuesday, October 15, 2013

first ER visit {a Wilson first}

It finally happened, our first ER visit.  Boy was I surprised at the reason though.  Timber had only been in our family for (not even) 24 hours and he got Mister Wilson, right on the eye! 
In Timber’s defense, he was in his crate, on the way to the vet.  Gus had been bothering him and Will put his eye up to the crate and Timber swatted at him.  Will cried, but was pretty calm otherwise.  He got him in a few places, including his eye ball.  A quick call to the doctor and we were head off to the ER.  We talked to our favorite nurse friend, Denise, and she walked us thru what they would probably do so we were very prepared.

After some cool glow in the dark eye drops and a black light we confirmed that the cut wasn’t that deep, nor did it get his cornea and nothing drastic was needed other than antibiotics.  So thankful that that was all! Mister Wilson has not complained at all about any of it.  And has enjoyed telling everyone about his injury.

Glad we got that first ER visit out of the way!

We had a follow up visit to the eye doctor today and confirmed that it is healing nicely.  And that we were very lucky because the scratch was just 1mm away from his cornea.  Thank you Lord for that blessing! 
*And Mister Wilson is still totally in love with his cat.

2013-10-12 Ws ER visitWM

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