Monday, October 07, 2013

{first} book

My Mister Wilson has been trying to read all summer.  Actually, he could probably already read but I’ve not really pushed him too. Mainly because he has a lot of our books memorized. 

We started on the BOB books after Christmas. He usually would stare at the pictures and just try and guess what they said.  But this summer he started attempting to write words, like Rockman.  And almost every day after school he writes notes about random things.  Usually copying words from other books, but not always.  But one day last week he brought me one of the Bob books that we hadn’t worked on together and sat down and basically read the whole thing to me.  (they were all previously used words from the other books).

So tonight, for fun, I grabbed this book and asked him to read it to me.  He carefully said every.single.word in the book.  Not from memory, but actually reading or sounding out.

Then he read it to Chris.

And the next day he read it to Mimi and Poppy. 

And he is SOOOO proud!  SOO proud.  We are too :)

photo (2b)

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