Thursday, October 31, 2013

fighting crime, and plucking feathers

Was there any other costume choice for Sister?  She saw this at a consignment sale a few months ago. I figured for $4 it would be for fun.  I knew she’d want to be bat girl, along with the boys.  But nope, she has loved every second of being a duck.  So duck girl it is!

2013-10 Oct4

Batman Returns.  We ditched the last years PJs costume for the real deal this time.  Also, found cheaply at a consignment sale (yay!).  Mister was so surprised when I brought this home!  We added last years cape and mask, and he is transformed.  He gets this serious look on his face when in costume.  I’m pretty sure he doesn’t think we know he’s under there. 

2013-10-19 (345)

Wyatt couldn’t decide what he wanted to be for Halloween.  Big surprise there.  The only thing he mentioned more than once was being a garbage man.  Our big problem is that Wyatt does not do costumes, hoods, etc. so we were torn about what to dress him as.  I knew it needed to just be a t-shirt.  Not really wanting to repeat the Charlie Brown from years past (see HERE).  I mean we only stretched that out for 3 Halloweens!  I found this Robin shirt, and knowing this was probably the last year to make them match I jumped on it.  And Wyatt LOVES it.
I am getting this pic blown up giant for the playroom!

We asked Wyatt to make a Robin face……

2013-10 Oct32013-10 Oct2

We are sleeping well knowing we are protected by two small superheroes and a mighty duck!

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