Sunday, October 27, 2013

arrgh, it’s pumpkin time

It’s time to carve pumpkins again.  Will was begging to carve his own.  We settled on painting the kids pumpkins instead. 

Naturally Wyatt mixed all his colors till he settled on brown.  Will took great care to paint every square inch.  And Ella painted until she got the chance to clean the big pumpkin’s guts and then we couldn’t pull her away.  Thankfully, the boys wanted nothing to do with that.  To quote Will, “I would never touch guts!”.  And Wyatt, “I don’t want to get my hands dirty.”.  Though Wyatt wanted someone to hand him the seeds to play with.  So I guess he was conflicted.

Chris carved up our pumpkin, we added some old party gear and had us a pirate pumpkin!  The kids love him.  And Will started talking pirate and making pirate moves.  The kids are getting very excited for Thursday!

2013-10-27 pumpkinWM

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