Friday, October 04, 2013

another one down

This year my birthday really has turned into quite the circus.  Sunday we had a birthday celebration with Chris’s side of the family (4 of us have birthdays within a few weeks).  But I couldn’t make it to my own party.  I have been fighting bronchitis and I guess I took the wrong meds that morning.  I barely made it thru church without falling asleep.  I was in a complete fog and needed to just sleep the day away.  But the kids enjoyed the festivities on my behalf, and brought back some cake.IMG_2402

The actual day of my birthday started with a bang.  I headed out for errands and a few fun stops for me.  One being the craft store.  Where one kid, whom shall not be named, had the ultimate meltdown and I had to leave a cart full of stuff behind.  I have never had to do that before so it was quite the birthday surprise.  At the craft store of all places.  I might be a bit bitter about that still.  And, if I’m keeping it real, I might have uttered “You are totally ruining my birthday” as we walked out.  Apparently another year older does not have anything to do with maturity.

Thankfully, the rest of the day went without incident.  Even including an impromptu dinner out with just the Mister (thanks Mimi & Poppy).  And we ended the evening with gifts and ice cream cake!

But the next day I was still in a celebratory mood so I put all my birthday cards on display only to have one fall onto the gas burner while I had stepped away.  Yes, it caught fire.  It was such a nice, and festive, surprise to walk back into flames.  I quickly put the fire out and then trashed all of the remaining cards.  No need to have a replay of that again.

All this to say I had quite the birthday celebration this week.  I’m pretty sure I am ready for next week and whatever surprises it should bring.

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