Thursday, October 31, 2013

fighting crime, and plucking feathers

Was there any other costume choice for Sister?  She saw this at a consignment sale a few months ago. I figured for $4 it would be for fun.  I knew she’d want to be bat girl, along with the boys.  But nope, she has loved every second of being a duck.  So duck girl it is!

2013-10 Oct4

Batman Returns.  We ditched the last years PJs costume for the real deal this time.  Also, found cheaply at a consignment sale (yay!).  Mister was so surprised when I brought this home!  We added last years cape and mask, and he is transformed.  He gets this serious look on his face when in costume.  I’m pretty sure he doesn’t think we know he’s under there. 

2013-10-19 (345)

Wyatt couldn’t decide what he wanted to be for Halloween.  Big surprise there.  The only thing he mentioned more than once was being a garbage man.  Our big problem is that Wyatt does not do costumes, hoods, etc. so we were torn about what to dress him as.  I knew it needed to just be a t-shirt.  Not really wanting to repeat the Charlie Brown from years past (see HERE).  I mean we only stretched that out for 3 Halloweens!  I found this Robin shirt, and knowing this was probably the last year to make them match I jumped on it.  And Wyatt LOVES it.
I am getting this pic blown up giant for the playroom!

We asked Wyatt to make a Robin face……

2013-10 Oct32013-10 Oct2

We are sleeping well knowing we are protected by two small superheroes and a mighty duck!

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Monday, October 28, 2013

Timber update

So glad to have stories of “the cat” back on the blog….was thinking we needed to change our blog title, haha.

Timber-cat is fitting in nicely here.  Ella asks no less than a 100 times a day what the cat’s name is.  Not sure if she can’t remember, or she’s trying to be cute.  If she doesn’t ask his name she calls him Willie or Kitty.

Wyatt calls him Temper or Kitty.

You know Mister Wilson calls him only by his proper name.

Gus and Timber are navigating their way to cohabitating. 

For the first week Timber stayed in his bed, in the basement, all day.  Until the kids brought him upstairs to love all over him.  Then he quickly disappeared downstairs again. 

This week he’s been coming up on his own to feel things out.  And he will stick around for a bit too.  He is the sweetest cat, and LOVES to be petted.  You can tell he was a family cat previously.  I just wonder what happened to his first family.

Surprisingly, Wyatt is a HUGE fan of Timber.  We were shocked.  He sweet talks him whenever he’s around…”how you kitty?”  “you so pretty” “you so sweet”. 

Ella could take or leave the cat.  She’s mostly concerned that he has claws since Willie-cat did not have claws. 

And Will gets the goofiest look on his face when Timber is around, he is smitten!  And he finally got his long awaited wish….tonight Timber curled up with him when he went to bed.  Will’s dream come true! 


Sunday, October 27, 2013

arrgh, it’s pumpkin time

It’s time to carve pumpkins again.  Will was begging to carve his own.  We settled on painting the kids pumpkins instead. 

Naturally Wyatt mixed all his colors till he settled on brown.  Will took great care to paint every square inch.  And Ella painted until she got the chance to clean the big pumpkin’s guts and then we couldn’t pull her away.  Thankfully, the boys wanted nothing to do with that.  To quote Will, “I would never touch guts!”.  And Wyatt, “I don’t want to get my hands dirty.”.  Though Wyatt wanted someone to hand him the seeds to play with.  So I guess he was conflicted.

Chris carved up our pumpkin, we added some old party gear and had us a pirate pumpkin!  The kids love him.  And Will started talking pirate and making pirate moves.  The kids are getting very excited for Thursday!

2013-10-27 pumpkinWM

Thursday, October 24, 2013

first report card!

Mister W brought home his first report card last week.  Being the in-touch Mom that I am, I had no clue it was time for report cards. 

Boy, have report cards changed since I last looked at one!  I was relieved when the teacher later emailed a user guide for how to read them.  From what I can tell Mister is a typical kindergartener. 

She included that he was very responsible and organized.  And very kind and helpful.  I was thrilled to hear those things.

Guess I better figure out when the next ones are coming out.

photo (3)

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

faux pumpkin patch

We decided to skip the traditional pumpkin patch this year.  None of our kids are free anymore so it’s $$$ for a few hours of fun.  Instead we headed to the hardware store where they had a mock pumpkin patch set up.  The trio had fun touching, holding, throwing and selecting just the right pumpkins.

I honestly don’t think they cared.  They were just excited that they each got their very own pumpkin.  I thought one of them would pick a giant one but they all ended up with tiny ones. How they can tell them apart is beside me.  Chris picked “the great pumpkin” for carving.  Hopefully we will do that soon.

2013-10-13 pump (WM)

Monday, October 21, 2013

there are no words.....

Happy Monday!

Thursday, October 17, 2013

Hate mail

I had to correct Will earlier today, resulting in a time out.  Mister was not happy with me and wrote me some hate mail afterwards.  I must say I was kinda proud at how he handled himself.  He didn't explode, like normal, he just stomped off and then brought me this note.  A few minutes later I talked with him about the incident. And he came a minute later with the I'm sorry note. I actually got a kick out of both notes.

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

first ER visit {a Wilson first}

It finally happened, our first ER visit.  Boy was I surprised at the reason though.  Timber had only been in our family for (not even) 24 hours and he got Mister Wilson, right on the eye! 
In Timber’s defense, he was in his crate, on the way to the vet.  Gus had been bothering him and Will put his eye up to the crate and Timber swatted at him.  Will cried, but was pretty calm otherwise.  He got him in a few places, including his eye ball.  A quick call to the doctor and we were head off to the ER.  We talked to our favorite nurse friend, Denise, and she walked us thru what they would probably do so we were very prepared.

After some cool glow in the dark eye drops and a black light we confirmed that the cut wasn’t that deep, nor did it get his cornea and nothing drastic was needed other than antibiotics.  So thankful that that was all! Mister Wilson has not complained at all about any of it.  And has enjoyed telling everyone about his injury.

Glad we got that first ER visit out of the way!

We had a follow up visit to the eye doctor today and confirmed that it is healing nicely.  And that we were very lucky because the scratch was just 1mm away from his cornea.  Thank you Lord for that blessing! 
*And Mister Wilson is still totally in love with his cat.

2013-10-12 Ws ER visitWM

Sunday, October 13, 2013


Any guess what these three are looking at?

2013-10-11 Timber (20)

Our family has grown by 4 feet!  We got a new fur-kid in the house.

2013-10-11 Timber (21)

Timber is a 5 year old kitty we got from the pound.  He is a super sweet guy that loves all the attention the trio is giving him.  He’s not so fond of Gus.  We’re working on it.

2013-10-11 Timber (15)

Mister Wilson is IN LOVE!  He’s disappointed that Timber’s not ready to curl up in his bed just yet.  Soon, we hope.

2013-10-11 Timber (9)

Oh, and the name…..Mister Wilson came up with it. His first choice was Willie.  We vetoed that.  So then he said Timber.  When we asked why Timber he said “you know, what the woodsmen yell when they cut trees”.  And then demonstrated “T-I-M-B-E-R!!!!!”   And it stuck.  Except Ella can’t remember his name.  And Wyatt says “Temper”. 

And in case you are wondering, yes we were drawn to him because he’s Willie’s twin.  So much so that all three kids yelled Willie when we brought him home.  We quickly clarified.  And as Wyatt says “our other cat in Kevin” (aka Heaven). 

2013-10 Oct1

Friday, October 11, 2013

Wilson’s apple field trip {a first}

I’m trying something new by blogging/scrapbooking at the same time.  It won’t happen all the time but I’m seeing if I can kill two birds with one stone.

Mister Wilson’s class went to the apple orchard.  They learned how they pick apples and how they make apple cider.  With a quick lesson thrown in about Johnny Appleseed.  He seemed to enjoy it.  And as the teacher predicted, his favorite part was the bus ride.  Though tasting the apple cider was a runner-up. We had a fun morning together.  And he’s already excited about the next one to the pumpkin patch. 

2013-10-08 Ws field trip WM

Thursday, October 10, 2013

say what? {Wyatt and Ella}

Just a few random quotes from the crazies littles.

Wy: "Hey Yella, where's our kitty?"
E: "I don't know. I haven't seen him in awhile."
Wy: "Me either."
Our Willie cat has been gone for a year! Yet these two are constantly talking about him.  And yes, they’ve been told he’s dead.

Ella: “Mimi needed a re-do on her puzzle today because she’s old.  Like you.” Mimi does look young, but apparently I look older.

When Ella talks about China and the day she met us…”You were so strange.”  She’s trying to say that we were strangers.

Wyatt somehow ended up out of his chair, I think he fell.  Either way, he somehow got himself into this position and started demanding yelling “I need a rope! I need a rope!!!”  over and over until Chris helped him up. Wyatt is a ham, for sure!
Video coming soon!


Wednesday, October 09, 2013


Mister Wilson went and turned 5.5 on us!  I just can’t believe it.  And I really can’t believe that we actually remembered to celebrate on the actual day.  How has it been 6 months since his Pirate party?!  Time is FLYING.

We celebrated with a yummy apple cake.  Will said it was the best cake ever!

April will be here all too soon.


Tuesday, October 08, 2013

Monday, October 07, 2013

{first} book

My Mister Wilson has been trying to read all summer.  Actually, he could probably already read but I’ve not really pushed him too. Mainly because he has a lot of our books memorized. 

We started on the BOB books after Christmas. He usually would stare at the pictures and just try and guess what they said.  But this summer he started attempting to write words, like Rockman.  And almost every day after school he writes notes about random things.  Usually copying words from other books, but not always.  But one day last week he brought me one of the Bob books that we hadn’t worked on together and sat down and basically read the whole thing to me.  (they were all previously used words from the other books).

So tonight, for fun, I grabbed this book and asked him to read it to me.  He carefully said every.single.word in the book.  Not from memory, but actually reading or sounding out.

Then he read it to Chris.

And the next day he read it to Mimi and Poppy. 

And he is SOOOO proud!  SOO proud.  We are too :)

photo (2b)

Friday, October 04, 2013

another one down

This year my birthday really has turned into quite the circus.  Sunday we had a birthday celebration with Chris’s side of the family (4 of us have birthdays within a few weeks).  But I couldn’t make it to my own party.  I have been fighting bronchitis and I guess I took the wrong meds that morning.  I barely made it thru church without falling asleep.  I was in a complete fog and needed to just sleep the day away.  But the kids enjoyed the festivities on my behalf, and brought back some cake.IMG_2402

The actual day of my birthday started with a bang.  I headed out for errands and a few fun stops for me.  One being the craft store.  Where one kid, whom shall not be named, had the ultimate meltdown and I had to leave a cart full of stuff behind.  I have never had to do that before so it was quite the birthday surprise.  At the craft store of all places.  I might be a bit bitter about that still.  And, if I’m keeping it real, I might have uttered “You are totally ruining my birthday” as we walked out.  Apparently another year older does not have anything to do with maturity.

Thankfully, the rest of the day went without incident.  Even including an impromptu dinner out with just the Mister (thanks Mimi & Poppy).  And we ended the evening with gifts and ice cream cake!

But the next day I was still in a celebratory mood so I put all my birthday cards on display only to have one fall onto the gas burner while I had stepped away.  Yes, it caught fire.  It was such a nice, and festive, surprise to walk back into flames.  I quickly put the fire out and then trashed all of the remaining cards.  No need to have a replay of that again.

All this to say I had quite the birthday celebration this week.  I’m pretty sure I am ready for next week and whatever surprises it should bring.

Thursday, October 03, 2013


This is my BFF Valerie’s favorite picture ever. So I’m sharing with the world in honor of my birthday.img600

Spending my birthday with my girl today.  She asked me agreed to go to lunch at my fave place.  She also agreed to wear a dress for the special occasion.  Will agreed to wear a shirt he’s not a fan of (that I made) to school.  Wyatt’s going to try his hardest not to tell me what gift he helped pick out.

It should be a great day!!!

Wednesday, October 02, 2013

Tuesday, October 01, 2013

biker babes

I never dreamed these two bikes would be such a fun treat for the trio.  And lately, tandem rides are even better!collage

2013-09-22 (63)

It only took a year, but Wyatt finally got brave enough to take a spin.  He has spent many months just sitting on it.  But last week he finally hit the gas, on purpose.  And he LOVED it.


It’s all he wants to do now.  And surprisingly, everyone is sharing the two bikes really well.