Sunday, September 29, 2013


Oh, this stinker.  Wyatt is getting bronchitis every 4 weeks….like clockwork.  Trying to prevent that we started some new meds that do not make for a nice Wyatt.  He is GRUMPY 24.7.  I’m not sure how much more we can handle. 

Tonight he was refusing to sleep and asked to be rocked again. So I got a rare, after-hours, rocking session.

This is an old picture from this 2 (13)

I rarely take Wyatt to bed so this was a special treat.  And just as he’s done for 3 years, he settles in, always facing out and twirls his hair.  I tried to rest my chin on his head but his hands flicked my face one too many times.  It’s too dangerous to rest your face near a hair twirler. I honestly hope he never stops twirling.  I love it!

2011-07-17 (5)

2013-04-26 wyatts big boy bed (6)

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