Monday, September 02, 2013

one last summer holiday

Our last official weekend of summer was a rainy one.  Seems like all our summer holidays were rainy this year.  We did celebrate with some watermelon.  Of course, Ella was the only one of the three to partake.  Go figure.2013-09-01 Labor Day (103)

Thankfully, Saturday was nice enough to do a lot of swimming.  It’s a given that Chris swims.  And usually Mimi.  I reluctantly get in when it’s warm enough (which it has not been at all this summer).  And what’s better than Daddy, Mimi and Mommy getting in….Poppy.  The kids were spoiled Saturday when they got a chance to swim with all of us!

2013-09-01 Labor Day (33)

And Wyatt chose get in ALL BY HIMSELF! Just jumped on in like he’s been swimming for years.  SO proud of him!

2013-09-01 Labor Day (41)

I attempted to get a rare shot of the brothers.  This is as good as it gets, and it totally cracks me up.

2013-09-01 Labor Day (67)

Just some random “jumping” pictures.  My three all jump so differently.  You have Wyatt’s walk/fall in.  NO jumping included - zero leg bending.  Then there’s Ella’s graceful jump.  Toes always pointed, legs always bent.  And Will’s wild and crazy jump.  The more movement the better for him.

2013-09 Sept

Ella has also added another skill to her jump….ready, aim, fire.

2013-09-01 Labor Day (93)

And some more random pictures to document the weekend.  2013-09-01 Labor Day (73)2013-09-01 Labor Day (78)

Dad’s Aunt Lois is in town.  And this cracks me up, Will just pulled up a chair and whipped out his Disney map out and talked her ear off.  He is fascinated with maps again.

2013-09-01 Labor Day (47)

And the usual “who’s awake, who’s asleep” picture.  These two were out within 5 minutes of being in the car. 

2013-09-01 Labor Day (109)
Trouble spotting Ella?  She’s inside her pillow case.  Don’t all kids, who carry a pillowcase around, do that?

2013-09-01 Labor Day (99)
Mister Wilson managed to stay awake.  Then 10 minutes from home he finally gave in….and slept 2 more hours after we carried him in.

2013-09-01 Labor Day (104)`

Goodbye Summer, Hello September!

2013-09-01 Labor Day (59)

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