Monday, September 16, 2013

camp-out {a Wilson first}

Mister Wilson has wanted to go camping for awhile.  The weather finally cooperated and it was the perfect night to have his first camping adventure.

It was a bit last minute so there wasn’t the traditional camping items… and s’mores.  Mister was quick to point out the missing items.  And his response to the missing items was “you just have to rub two sticks together to make fire”.  And about the s’mores, “all you need is two graham crackers, a marshmallow and chocolate”.  The look on his face was shock that we didn’t have those things just laying around the house.  It was pretty funny.  (and we’ll be better prepared next time)

Mister T would like me to point out that the tent is on a gentle slope, not a hill like my FB friends suggested.  photo 1
Mister Wilson, who wears his headlamp most days, finally had a change to use it for real! 

He later used it to send “signals” to the lightening bugs.  His message to them, stay in the grass.

photo 2

And yes, they did stay out most of the night.  I think Chris was hoping to come in around midnight but Wilson was SO tired that he fell asleep quickly, only waking at 4:30 because of a nose bleed.  They decided it was time to come in.  He can’t wait to go again!

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