Wednesday, September 11, 2013

5 cocoons

I bought this butterfly kit last summer.  Spent all winter talking about it.  Promised in the spring that we would get our butterflies.  And forgot.  Then lost the papers for the free “larvae” and on and on and on.  FINALLY, I found the coupon and ordered our very own larvae. 2013-09-11 butterfly (1)

Mister Wilson was SOOOO excited about his larvae.  And then his chrysalides formed.  And if he said that word once, he said it a million times.  And finally we had butterflies.

  2013-09-11 butterfly (12)

I’ll be honest, I am not a cool mom.  They kinda creeped me out.  They are pretty and all but we are forever telling the kids to shut the door to keep the bugs out and now we have 5 bugs inside intentionally!   And at night when the house was quiet I could hear them in the kitchen rustling around.  Eek!

2013-09-11 butterfly (17)

Today was the big release day.  And Mister Wilson (and the other two) was in complete awe of the process.  He was SO excited, and a little sad.  He got all sentimental on us saying they were so beautiful and how he hoped they went far.  Later I caught him singing a song to the butterflies.  He takes his animal love very seriously!

2013-09-11 butterfly (28)

We weren’t going to let him hold one on his hand, fearing they were a little too fragile for that, but one hopped on his finger.  He was SO excited to be able to release it into the air.

2013-09-11 butterfly (30)2013-09-11 butterfly (31)

He loves this last picture so much he’s asked if he can have it in his room.  Guess I better print it out soon!

He’s already planning next years larvae and butterflies!

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