Monday, August 26, 2013

weekly round up

What a week!  We survived 5 days in a row of school for Mister Wilson.  He made it, but every single morning he would exclaim “I have to go AGAIN?!!!”.  But he seemed to have a great week, and successfully conquered the cafeteria line and had his first school pizza.  We managed to turn in all of our homework, though I’m not sure we got the right things turned in on the right days, oops!

Wyatt was to have his first full week at preschool (well, just two days) but managed to go from well to dangerously sick in 12 hours with bronchitis, again. For the record, he had only been off of antibiotics for about a week.  And it was one of those nights where we were up all night doing breathing treatments and just trying to keep him comfortable.  And as we neared the “I think it’s time to go to the ER” hour he finally fell peacefully asleep laying across his Daddy.  (Wyatt NEVER falls asleep on a person, EVER.)  After a week he is finally on the mend!  And hopefully he will enjoy a full week at school this week.

Saturday we had a long-awaited girls day planned with Aunt Michelle and Meryl.  It’s safe to say Meryl has waited her whole life for a girls day.  After Meryl our family added 4 more boys…..she has earned girl time!  We painted pottery and had donuts.  Pretty sure the girls only cared about the donuts!


We have had such a busy week that I these are the only pictures from the last 10 days.  That is a record!  We had a FULL week.  I can’t wait to see what this new week brings.


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