Sunday, August 11, 2013


Not sure how long ago the game got started but one day we were in the car and something caught the sun and made a reflection on the ceiling.  One of the kids yelled “It’s Tinkerbelle” and thus the Tinkerbelle game began.
Every time we are in the car and Tink is spotted they will yell and get excited trying to catch her (which is impossible being in a carseat….).  They will try and try to get her until she disappears. 
Tink was even spotted in the house last Christmas. The kids spent almost an hour trying to get her off the wall.  And yes, Chris and I laughed hysterically while watching the game.

2012-12-16 (28)
And all fun games must include an argument.  One funny one was when Will yelled, “Ella, Tinkerbelle only visits people who went to Disney World.  So she’s here looking for me, NOT YOU.” 
Clearly some of us think they have ownership over Tink.

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