Thursday, August 01, 2013

the silver stream

I saw THIS on Pinterest a few months ago.  Bought the (heavy duty) foil and then promptly forgot about it. 

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Monday was one of those days that seemed to never end, and I was out of tricks.  But then I remembered the foil.  The hardest part was finding toys that might “sail” down our stream.  Thankfully, we have an excess supply of rubber ducks.

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At first, the stream was a big ole FAIL.  But then I cranked up the water and everything went sailing.  And there were cheers and claps from the trio.

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And then someone learned how to dam up the stream, and someone else got mad and said “I quit” after only 5 minutes of playing and went inside.  Some of us were extra tired from the fun lake weekend and possibly needed a nap.  Ahem.

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Ella loved seeing her ducks swim.  And there was lots of running from the bottom of the stream back to the top to start over.

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The remaining two ran up and down the hill for the longest time.  They were trying to race the ducks and boats down to the bottom.

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Ella finally got bored and came and sat down with me to just watch.  Wyatt played another HOUR by himself with the silver stream.  He loved everything about it.  We will definitely be doing this again!

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Kristi said...

If only we had a slope in our yard.
Looks like the perfect combination of fun and wearing them out so they'll sleep.