Tuesday, August 13, 2013

THE day

This might be the most documented first day of school ever!

But Mister Wilson was SO excited.  And an excited boy makes for an excited Momma.  I’ll be honest, there was no part of me that was sad.  He wanted to go, and he misses preK with Miss Amy so I know he will thrive in school.  He is BORED at home.  Give me about a month and I will desperately start missing my biggest boy though.  I know I will miss all the fun adventures we have.  But I am also hoping Wy and Ella will have a chance to develop their relationship during the day.  It’s hard when there are 3….but that’s a different blog post.

Anyway, the big day, his phase-in day was Tuesday.  Naturally, we were in the midst of a down pour at school time but we made the best of it.

It was such a big day, with lots of bags and checklists, that I didn’t even use my real camera, or my small camera….phone all the way <sigh>.

We somehow ended up ready 30 minutes early (hope that happens all year….) so Will camped out by the door waiting to leave.

And, because I know you are wondering, he did NOT wear a W shirt.  He, kindly, told me that he didn’t want his name on shirts anymore.  I can make him shirts, but not with his name.  I tried not to cry about that, seriously.  That was harder to take than taking him in for the first day!




I turned around and he was halfway down the sidewalk.  I yelled for him to come back and he said “I am so excited I just want to get in the building already!”. 

Last minute pep talk from Dad.



What I wasn’t counting on, was Ella breaking down.  I’m not sure why I didn’t expect it.  I’ve read and been told countless times that beginning/ending of school years is hard on kids.  But she was just not on my radar this morning.  Thankfully, Chris was expecting it and was already holding her before it happened.   This pic is blurry but you can see Will turning to look back.  I thought he was waving, later he told him he really wanted to run and give her a hug because he could hear her crying.  So Ella was the teary representative for our group, as we left with the other teary eyed moms.  Of course, she repeatedly yelled “I want my Ge-Ge” all the way to the car.  A stick of gum, and cup of Sonic ice made her feel lots better though.


Before we left home, the littles wanted a pic with Mister Kindergartener.


He came home saying he had a great day.  And his favorite thing to do was play with playdoh.  Figures, since it’s something we play with several times a week.  But he gushed about the library and told us all about the sinks in the restroom.  And about the cafeteria.  And that the boy he sat next to had a PB&J so Will had to scoot down a seat.  Will detests peanut butter with a passion!  The bad news is that he didn’t finish his lunch in time (he’s a pokey eater).  He starts full-time on Thursday and we are hopeful that he has a good end of the week!

We are all excited about this big adventure!

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Kristi said...

So happy for Wilson that he loved it so! and that you were able to leave with a smile because he was so excited.
Bless Ella's little heart, I'll be praying that it gets easier for her as time goes on.