Wednesday, August 28, 2013

say what? {Wilson}

Mimi took Will on a date and they stopped for ice cream.  We asked Will what he had to eat.  He said he had a vanilla cone and Mimi had a “banana smith”.  We laughed and laughed at that one.

“Momma, I would try and kill a bear if I was a bear wrestler.”

“This dinosaur is from the time period of big.”

Mimi: Will do you know what [basketball] dribbling is?
W: Do this (demonstrating how to dribble), it’s like a yoyo but without a string.

W: Someone read us a book in the library today.  Her name was Mrs. Shoemaker.  She’s married to Mr. Shoemaker.  a few minutes later  Do you think they make shoes?

Me: Who’d you sit next to at lunch today?
W:  I got stuck between two peanut butters! Remember Will detests PB

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