Friday, August 23, 2013

paci-baby is back!

June was a big month for Wyatt.  We moved him to a big boy bed, potty trained him and took away the paci.  I had no plans to take the paci away but it seemed like the next logical step in becoming a 3 year old. [Note to self, stick with your gut instinct.]

We took it away, rather, we cut the end of it off making it less fun.  My hope was that he would try it, and then decide it wasn’t as fun and slowly ditch it.  Not the case.  He instantly yelled “it’s broke, fix it!”.  He went to bed with a small fight that night and the next and then we thought we were home free.  But suddenly the 20 min night time routine became 90 minutes.  Within 2 days he went from being a 3-4 hour napper to NO naps.  My world, along with his, was rocked.
We stuck it out.  I embraced the no naps the best I could.  And Wyatt started going to be much much earlier, without any fight.  Though the last few hours of the day were torture for everyone.
But his daytime behavior was off the charts.  He had no idea how to self-soothe when he was upset.  He ditched his beloved frog.  And all but stopped the hair twirling.  (he has been twirling his hair since he was in the womb.)  And he was just plain old cranky and mean. 
After 2-3 weeks of torture I began searching high and low for a paci.  Cleaned out all my purses, bags and cars for the one remaining one.   No luck.  I searched every store that sold paci’s only to find that they no longer made the exact one we had.  The brand we used now had an “improved design” which Wyatt was NOT a fan of. 
As we approached the 4 week mark I decided to look on ebay.  Found one!  I’m pretty sure there were angels singing when I found it.
I ripped it open the day it arrived and gave it to Wyatt.  He immediately stuck it in his mouth and said “You fixed it!  Thank you.  I love it so much!”.  He went to find his frog, sat on the couch and twirled his hair.  Bedtime is back to the 20 minutes.  And last week I was able to get a few naps back. 
It will be a LONG time before I attempt that again.  I don’t care what anyone says, I do not have a problem with him having it.  Genetically speaking, he inherited some wild teeth, he will need braces regardless, so it’s not like this is making it worse.
I am just happy happy happy to have my content boy back. 
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