Friday, August 16, 2013

not to be left out….

Ella also went back to “school” this week.  Monday we started back to our speech classes at the elementary school (Will’s school). 

Ella was excited to have her big first day like the boys were having. 

2013-08-12 Ella's first day of speech

Ella will start preschool next year, along with Wyatt.  Her birthday is so close to the cut off that we have already decided to have her start K at age 6.  So we are putting off preschool for another year.  Instead, we will have Mommy/Ella time twice a week!

Today we started our “school year” at Ella’s Mommy’s fave lunch spot. Ella likes some salsa and queso!  We had a great time before heading home for an exciting game of Bingo. 

My hope is it that we can start a mini homeschool/preschool while both boys are in school.  Ella is as smart as a whip, but we haven’t had time to really devote to the normal toddler discoveries that most kids just know somehow.  (rhymes, songs, matching, letter sounds, etc.).

I think it’s safe to say Ella had a great “first day”!!!!
  2013-08-13 Wy first day PreSchool (12)

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