Thursday, August 01, 2013

little book worm

We have spent most of our summer at the library.  So there has been a lot of reading going on.  (Oddly enough, reading kids books also makes me sleepy.  It’s like I’m reading before bed….)


Wilson can sound out words if pushed. But he surprised me the other day with spelling a word.  He had written this down and asked me to look at it to see if it spelled Rockman.  I’d say it’s pretty close! (that last letter is an N….we’re working hard on writing.)


We have been reading some (very short) chapter books aloud.  And I was so surprised that he enjoyed them.  Our first one was The Mouse and the Motorcycle.

We have several sets of the BOB books and he’s seems to be able to read them. I should probably try to sit down and work with him more.  But we’ve lost a lot of our reading time now that naps for the littles are a thing of the past. 

Besides, we need to save something for Kindergarten.


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