Monday, August 05, 2013

EW day

It’s time to celebrate my sweet 4 year old.  Ella Wei turned 4 today.  I look at her and am in shock that she is 4!  Some days she seems SO much smaller than 4, and some days SO much wiser than 4.  What a tough role to juggle. 
We have come a long way since her last birthday.  We are on the road to good things.  There is hope and change and new things in our future, I am certain!
bday3Since we already had her birthday on Friday we didn’t mention it today.  But we did celebrate with a birthday date.  We prettied up and had dinner with Daddy at PF Changs.  Ella loves noodles and rice so I knew she’d love Chinese food (yes, this was our first experience with Chinese food in a LONG time).  She loved it.  And she loved heading to the ice cream store afterwards even more.
We loved our one-on-one time with our new 4 year old girl!
Happy Birthday Ella Wei!

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