Friday, August 30, 2013

every day {life}

Just some scenes from our every day life.  Boring, but it is the little things that I will forget some day.choo1choo2

“Job Chart” - line leader, kitchen/laundry helper, Gus helper.  Now that W is in school all day I need to come up with a new plan.

photo 2

The kids eat a ton of fruit!  So grocery day brings fruit washing.  Love to see all of our colorful fruit washing in the sink. 

photo 4

And completely opposite of the colorful fruit, Wyatt’s choice in playdoh colors.  He ONLY plays with brown and black.  Good thing his construction play doh set came with those colors!

photo 3

Breakfast of champions.  Not really, but some days call for a DDP and pop tarts.  It is a guilty pleasure that I save it for those frazzled mornings.  I think this pic was taken that morning after I stayed up all night with a very sick Wyatt.  It was well earned.

photo 1 (1)

Most of Wyatt’s meals are consumed with an fleet of trucks.  The bigger the better.  Thankfully, we just got a larger table to accommodate all these trucks our growing kids.

photo 5

This schedule got us thru the summer.  One of mine THRIVES on schedules.  This was a winner in our house.  Need a new one now that we are back in school.

photo 1
Life these days requires adding a few extra minutes to our commute.  You just never know when baby cows will be around.  The field next to our neighborhood entrance randomly has cows grazing.  It’s exciting when they are out….and now there are 2 baby cows!  We easily spend 20 minutes watching them.


photo (3)

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