Thursday, August 15, 2013

another big {first} day

We’re not done with our firsts this week.  Thursday brought Will’s first regular schedule school day (8am is super early!!).  And it brought Wyatt’s first day of preschool!  He was excited that Will’s “old school” was now his new school.

Wyatt’s school had open house Tuesday for him to meet his teacher and his new classmates.  He excitedly reported all of the toys he played with (3 car garages and a firetruck).  He even hugged his teacher when he left so I knew we were in good shape.

Thursday came, and it was their first official day of school.  He was SOOO excited!


2013-08-13 Wy first day PreSchool (5)
He was most excited about his new Thomas lunch box.  He has been carrying it around for weeks!


He proudly carried his lunch box in, he was ready to get to class!

2013-08-13 Wy first day PreSchool (10)
He ran excitedly into the classroom and sat down on the reading rug and exclaimed “let’s eat!!!”.  He was a tad disappointed to find out lunch time was a ways off.

His teacher said he had a great day.  Wyatt later confessed that he only cried a little bit for me (which he does when he’s at Mimi’s so I’m not surprised).  He had a great time playing on the playground with Wilson’s BFF’s (Jackson) sister. 

And he came home with his first art!  They read the Kissing Hand and, according to Wyatt “someone painted my hand!!!”. I think he had a great day!

2013-08-13 Wy first day PreSchool (11)

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