Friday, August 02, 2013

a special day!

We celebrated E’s birthday a few days early. We had an evening school commitment on her actual birthday so we moved it up.  She does not know we moved her special day up :)

Someone was SUPER excited to celebrate their birthday Friday.  I don’t think I’ve seen anyone so excited before.  She was giddy all day.


We started the day out with birthday waffles.  Complete with sprinkles. And dinner was everyone’s favorite, pizza.  And a very special strawberry Duck cake.  And homemade strawberry ice cream.  Pink was the theme again this year.

2013-08 Aug

We moved on to present opening.  Sister was SO excited about her gifts.  A Hello Kitty umbrella from Mister Wilson.  Playdoh tools from Wyatt.  And lots of art supplies, Ella’s favorite hobby these days.


The favorite gift was a baby duck. She has asked for a baby duck for 2 weeks now.  He was met with lots of kisses and cuddles.  Her duck family is now complete. 

2013-08-02 Ella bday dinner (39)

After all the gifts were opened she looked a bit disappointed but didn’t say anything.  I think she was wondering where her special pink bike was.  She was pretty excited to see Daddy bringing it in the den.


We now have the task of teaching 3 littles how to ride bikes.  Once they master bike riding I have promised them we can ride to Mimi & Poppy’s house.

2013-08-02 Ella bday dinner (58)2013-08-02 Ella bday dinner (60)

2013-08-02 Ella bday dinner (66)2013-08-02 Ella bday dinner (69)

I’m pretty sure Ella had a GREAT birthday!

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