Friday, August 30, 2013

every day {life}

Just some scenes from our every day life.  Boring, but it is the little things that I will forget some day.choo1choo2

“Job Chart” - line leader, kitchen/laundry helper, Gus helper.  Now that W is in school all day I need to come up with a new plan.

photo 2

The kids eat a ton of fruit!  So grocery day brings fruit washing.  Love to see all of our colorful fruit washing in the sink. 

photo 4

And completely opposite of the colorful fruit, Wyatt’s choice in playdoh colors.  He ONLY plays with brown and black.  Good thing his construction play doh set came with those colors!

photo 3

Breakfast of champions.  Not really, but some days call for a DDP and pop tarts.  It is a guilty pleasure that I save it for those frazzled mornings.  I think this pic was taken that morning after I stayed up all night with a very sick Wyatt.  It was well earned.

photo 1 (1)

Most of Wyatt’s meals are consumed with an fleet of trucks.  The bigger the better.  Thankfully, we just got a larger table to accommodate all these trucks our growing kids.

photo 5

This schedule got us thru the summer.  One of mine THRIVES on schedules.  This was a winner in our house.  Need a new one now that we are back in school.

photo 1
Life these days requires adding a few extra minutes to our commute.  You just never know when baby cows will be around.  The field next to our neighborhood entrance randomly has cows grazing.  It’s exciting when they are out….and now there are 2 baby cows!  We easily spend 20 minutes watching them.


photo (3)

Thursday, August 29, 2013

a Wyatt first {dentist}

Monday, was a Monday.  I accidentally rolled Will’s arm up in the window during drop off.  And a few hours later, as I was dropping Ella off at speech, Wyatt tripped and fell hitting his front teeth on the curb.  Three front teeth were chipped.  One was nice and pointy. While he was fine, he kept saying they hurt. He earned his first visit to the dentist today, where they sanded his pointy tooth down.

He did AMAZING and didn’t mind the sander being in his mouth.  (SO surprised!). 

Glad we marked that off our “first” list…..


dentist2wy dentist

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

say what? {Wilson}

Mimi took Will on a date and they stopped for ice cream.  We asked Will what he had to eat.  He said he had a vanilla cone and Mimi had a “banana smith”.  We laughed and laughed at that one.

“Momma, I would try and kill a bear if I was a bear wrestler.”

“This dinosaur is from the time period of big.”

Mimi: Will do you know what [basketball] dribbling is?
W: Do this (demonstrating how to dribble), it’s like a yoyo but without a string.

W: Someone read us a book in the library today.  Her name was Mrs. Shoemaker.  She’s married to Mr. Shoemaker.  a few minutes later  Do you think they make shoes?

Me: Who’d you sit next to at lunch today?
W:  I got stuck between two peanut butters! Remember Will detests PB

Monday, August 26, 2013

weekly round up

What a week!  We survived 5 days in a row of school for Mister Wilson.  He made it, but every single morning he would exclaim “I have to go AGAIN?!!!”.  But he seemed to have a great week, and successfully conquered the cafeteria line and had his first school pizza.  We managed to turn in all of our homework, though I’m not sure we got the right things turned in on the right days, oops!

Wyatt was to have his first full week at preschool (well, just two days) but managed to go from well to dangerously sick in 12 hours with bronchitis, again. For the record, he had only been off of antibiotics for about a week.  And it was one of those nights where we were up all night doing breathing treatments and just trying to keep him comfortable.  And as we neared the “I think it’s time to go to the ER” hour he finally fell peacefully asleep laying across his Daddy.  (Wyatt NEVER falls asleep on a person, EVER.)  After a week he is finally on the mend!  And hopefully he will enjoy a full week at school this week.

Saturday we had a long-awaited girls day planned with Aunt Michelle and Meryl.  It’s safe to say Meryl has waited her whole life for a girls day.  After Meryl our family added 4 more boys…..she has earned girl time!  We painted pottery and had donuts.  Pretty sure the girls only cared about the donuts!


We have had such a busy week that I these are the only pictures from the last 10 days.  That is a record!  We had a FULL week.  I can’t wait to see what this new week brings.


Friday, August 23, 2013

paci-baby is back!

June was a big month for Wyatt.  We moved him to a big boy bed, potty trained him and took away the paci.  I had no plans to take the paci away but it seemed like the next logical step in becoming a 3 year old. [Note to self, stick with your gut instinct.]

We took it away, rather, we cut the end of it off making it less fun.  My hope was that he would try it, and then decide it wasn’t as fun and slowly ditch it.  Not the case.  He instantly yelled “it’s broke, fix it!”.  He went to bed with a small fight that night and the next and then we thought we were home free.  But suddenly the 20 min night time routine became 90 minutes.  Within 2 days he went from being a 3-4 hour napper to NO naps.  My world, along with his, was rocked.
We stuck it out.  I embraced the no naps the best I could.  And Wyatt started going to be much much earlier, without any fight.  Though the last few hours of the day were torture for everyone.
But his daytime behavior was off the charts.  He had no idea how to self-soothe when he was upset.  He ditched his beloved frog.  And all but stopped the hair twirling.  (he has been twirling his hair since he was in the womb.)  And he was just plain old cranky and mean. 
After 2-3 weeks of torture I began searching high and low for a paci.  Cleaned out all my purses, bags and cars for the one remaining one.   No luck.  I searched every store that sold paci’s only to find that they no longer made the exact one we had.  The brand we used now had an “improved design” which Wyatt was NOT a fan of. 
As we approached the 4 week mark I decided to look on ebay.  Found one!  I’m pretty sure there were angels singing when I found it.
I ripped it open the day it arrived and gave it to Wyatt.  He immediately stuck it in his mouth and said “You fixed it!  Thank you.  I love it so much!”.  He went to find his frog, sat on the couch and twirled his hair.  Bedtime is back to the 20 minutes.  And last week I was able to get a few naps back. 
It will be a LONG time before I attempt that again.  I don’t care what anyone says, I do not have a problem with him having it.  Genetically speaking, he inherited some wild teeth, he will need braces regardless, so it’s not like this is making it worse.
I am just happy happy happy to have my content boy back. 
photo (1)

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Friday, August 16, 2013

not to be left out….

Ella also went back to “school” this week.  Monday we started back to our speech classes at the elementary school (Will’s school). 

Ella was excited to have her big first day like the boys were having. 

2013-08-12 Ella's first day of speech

Ella will start preschool next year, along with Wyatt.  Her birthday is so close to the cut off that we have already decided to have her start K at age 6.  So we are putting off preschool for another year.  Instead, we will have Mommy/Ella time twice a week!

Today we started our “school year” at Ella’s Mommy’s fave lunch spot. Ella likes some salsa and queso!  We had a great time before heading home for an exciting game of Bingo. 

My hope is it that we can start a mini homeschool/preschool while both boys are in school.  Ella is as smart as a whip, but we haven’t had time to really devote to the normal toddler discoveries that most kids just know somehow.  (rhymes, songs, matching, letter sounds, etc.).

I think it’s safe to say Ella had a great “first day”!!!!
  2013-08-13 Wy first day PreSchool (12)

Thursday, August 15, 2013

another big {first} day

We’re not done with our firsts this week.  Thursday brought Will’s first regular schedule school day (8am is super early!!).  And it brought Wyatt’s first day of preschool!  He was excited that Will’s “old school” was now his new school.

Wyatt’s school had open house Tuesday for him to meet his teacher and his new classmates.  He excitedly reported all of the toys he played with (3 car garages and a firetruck).  He even hugged his teacher when he left so I knew we were in good shape.

Thursday came, and it was their first official day of school.  He was SOOO excited!


2013-08-13 Wy first day PreSchool (5)
He was most excited about his new Thomas lunch box.  He has been carrying it around for weeks!


He proudly carried his lunch box in, he was ready to get to class!

2013-08-13 Wy first day PreSchool (10)
He ran excitedly into the classroom and sat down on the reading rug and exclaimed “let’s eat!!!”.  He was a tad disappointed to find out lunch time was a ways off.

His teacher said he had a great day.  Wyatt later confessed that he only cried a little bit for me (which he does when he’s at Mimi’s so I’m not surprised).  He had a great time playing on the playground with Wilson’s BFF’s (Jackson) sister. 

And he came home with his first art!  They read the Kissing Hand and, according to Wyatt “someone painted my hand!!!”. I think he had a great day!

2013-08-13 Wy first day PreSchool (11)

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

THE day

This might be the most documented first day of school ever!

But Mister Wilson was SO excited.  And an excited boy makes for an excited Momma.  I’ll be honest, there was no part of me that was sad.  He wanted to go, and he misses preK with Miss Amy so I know he will thrive in school.  He is BORED at home.  Give me about a month and I will desperately start missing my biggest boy though.  I know I will miss all the fun adventures we have.  But I am also hoping Wy and Ella will have a chance to develop their relationship during the day.  It’s hard when there are 3….but that’s a different blog post.

Anyway, the big day, his phase-in day was Tuesday.  Naturally, we were in the midst of a down pour at school time but we made the best of it.

It was such a big day, with lots of bags and checklists, that I didn’t even use my real camera, or my small camera….phone all the way <sigh>.

We somehow ended up ready 30 minutes early (hope that happens all year….) so Will camped out by the door waiting to leave.

And, because I know you are wondering, he did NOT wear a W shirt.  He, kindly, told me that he didn’t want his name on shirts anymore.  I can make him shirts, but not with his name.  I tried not to cry about that, seriously.  That was harder to take than taking him in for the first day!




I turned around and he was halfway down the sidewalk.  I yelled for him to come back and he said “I am so excited I just want to get in the building already!”. 

Last minute pep talk from Dad.



What I wasn’t counting on, was Ella breaking down.  I’m not sure why I didn’t expect it.  I’ve read and been told countless times that beginning/ending of school years is hard on kids.  But she was just not on my radar this morning.  Thankfully, Chris was expecting it and was already holding her before it happened.   This pic is blurry but you can see Will turning to look back.  I thought he was waving, later he told him he really wanted to run and give her a hug because he could hear her crying.  So Ella was the teary representative for our group, as we left with the other teary eyed moms.  Of course, she repeatedly yelled “I want my Ge-Ge” all the way to the car.  A stick of gum, and cup of Sonic ice made her feel lots better though.


Before we left home, the littles wanted a pic with Mister Kindergartener.


He came home saying he had a great day.  And his favorite thing to do was play with playdoh.  Figures, since it’s something we play with several times a week.  But he gushed about the library and told us all about the sinks in the restroom.  And about the cafeteria.  And that the boy he sat next to had a PB&J so Will had to scoot down a seat.  Will detests peanut butter with a passion!  The bad news is that he didn’t finish his lunch in time (he’s a pokey eater).  He starts full-time on Thursday and we are hopeful that he has a good end of the week!

We are all excited about this big adventure!

twas the night before

Registration day last week

√ School supplies purchased
√ Backpack
√ Lunch packed
√ Clothes ready
√ Alarms set (ack!!!!)

Mister Wilson’s first day of Kindergarten is Tuesday!!!  Ready or not, here we come!


Monday, August 12, 2013

Ella Wei {age 4}

Just a look back, for the scrapbook,  at Ella on her 4th birthday…..

Ella’s speech is coming along.  Her vocabulary is huge.  But her pronunciation is still coming along.  She enjoyed going to speech at the elementary school last year.  She will start up again in the this week.  She still has some what of a Chinese accent which makes me laugh some days.  Ella’s favorite words: actually and awhile.

Me: Please start eating your breakfast.  E: It’s going to take awhile.
Me:  Please go potty before we leave.  E: It’s going to take awhile.
Me:  Let’s work this puzzle.  E:  That’s going to take a long while.

Me:  Would you like oatmeal or cereal? E: Actually, eggs.
Me:  Want to read a book?  E:  Actually, let’s listen to music.

2013-08-01 (7)

Ella is still a pretty adventurous eater.  But her eating habits depend on how she’s feeling emotionally that day.  So we still have some struggles at meal time.  But she loves all types of Cheerios, yogurt, applesauce, nuts, pretzels, any and all fruit, carrots, pickles, crackers, soup, cucumbers.  Her new favorites, thanks to Mimi, potato salad and tuna casserole.  Neither of those she will find at home, so it’s her and Mimi’s special meal.  She also has developed some fine dining taste buds….steak is a favorite of hers.  Along with real breakfast food (i.e. eggs, bacon, sausage, biscuits, french toast, etc).

Ella loves music, books, and puzzles.  She really loves to dance and is always asking for a dance party.  I think in a former life she was an 80’s aerobics instructor. 

Food: Almost anything.  Her recent discoveries are tuna fish sandwiches (courtesy of Mimi), soup, most vegetables, noodles and rice, steak. 
Drinks: Milk and Pink Lemonade
Songs: Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star and Old MacDonald (every.single.night!)
Books: Corduroy
Clothes: shorts and t-shirts just like her brothers.  She does not want to wear a dress, ever. 
Shows: Bubble Guppies, Team Umizoomi, Dora, Curious George
Colors: Pink and Purple, of course.

Can’t wait to see what new things Ella Wei discovers this year!


Sunday, August 11, 2013


Not sure how long ago the game got started but one day we were in the car and something caught the sun and made a reflection on the ceiling.  One of the kids yelled “It’s Tinkerbelle” and thus the Tinkerbelle game began.
Every time we are in the car and Tink is spotted they will yell and get excited trying to catch her (which is impossible being in a carseat….).  They will try and try to get her until she disappears. 
Tink was even spotted in the house last Christmas. The kids spent almost an hour trying to get her off the wall.  And yes, Chris and I laughed hysterically while watching the game.

2012-12-16 (28)
And all fun games must include an argument.  One funny one was when Will yelled, “Ella, Tinkerbelle only visits people who went to Disney World.  So she’s here looking for me, NOT YOU.” 
Clearly some of us think they have ownership over Tink.

Friday, August 09, 2013

way cooler

go bike

We stopped to get gas the other day, and beside us was a motorcycle.  Will excitedly yelled “It’s just like mine, but WAY cooler!”.  Thinking he was excited about the shiny chrome, or the flames painted on the helmet, or just the huge size, I asked why it was WAY cooler.  He said “because it has a cup holder.” and he said it in that tone that indicated I should have known it was the cup holder.
Silly boy!

Thursday, August 08, 2013

say what? {Wyatt}

Hey Wyatt, let’s go get in the tub. 
W:  Oh, are we gonna get naked again?!!!
That boy LOVES to be nekked.


(We were changing clothes after leaving the pool.)
Me:  Wyatt, you sure are pasty white.
Wy: I’m not pasty Wyatt!!!!


Me:  What do you want to drink?
Wy: I want white coffee drink. (aka milk)

SONY DSC                        

Wednesday, August 07, 2013

Wordless Wednesday

(actually, one-word Wednesday.)

Monday, August 05, 2013

EW day

It’s time to celebrate my sweet 4 year old.  Ella Wei turned 4 today.  I look at her and am in shock that she is 4!  Some days she seems SO much smaller than 4, and some days SO much wiser than 4.  What a tough role to juggle. 
We have come a long way since her last birthday.  We are on the road to good things.  There is hope and change and new things in our future, I am certain!
bday3Since we already had her birthday on Friday we didn’t mention it today.  But we did celebrate with a birthday date.  We prettied up and had dinner with Daddy at PF Changs.  Ella loves noodles and rice so I knew she’d love Chinese food (yes, this was our first experience with Chinese food in a LONG time).  She loved it.  And she loved heading to the ice cream store afterwards even more.
We loved our one-on-one time with our new 4 year old girl!
Happy Birthday Ella Wei!

Sunday, August 04, 2013

two 3’s

Ah, July.  The month where I have twins. 

These two make great partners in crime when it’s just the two of them. I can’t wait to see how their relationship grows once Mister Wilson starts school full-time.

The last few moments of having two 3 year olds.

photo3SONY DSC                       SONY DSC


2013-08-01 (25)