Friday, July 26, 2013

we swam, we partied

This week the “twins” had their birthday party with their cousins and family.  We celebrated with (another) pool party.  I had big plans to find a theme that suited them both.  I came close but then got lazy and went with a Thomas and Duck party.  Actually, Ella asked for a duck party.  Since she loves them so, it made sense.  So that left us with a blue and yellow party.  And that’s as far as I went.  Lots of balloons and Thomas and Duck cupcake toppers and we called it a day. 

The forecast called for storms and hail (!!!) but by noon it was just a stray shower.  Thankfully, it held off and it was a good night for a pool party.  The kids had a great time.  And I, as usual, took very few pictures. 

I will say that Ella grin was SUPERSIZED as everyone sang Happy Birthday to her.  She had been anxiously waiting her day since Wyatt’s birthday earlier in the month.  She is now on the countdown to her birthday celebration at home. 

A big thank you to our families who came out to celebrate with us!  The kids loved seeing and playing with everyone.  

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