Saturday, July 13, 2013

say what {Wilson}


  • Making small talk to keep myself awake super early one morning I asked Will what his favorite dinosaur was.  His answer: “My favorite dinosaur from the cretaceous period is the TRex but I really like the triceratops best.” (I googled, both are from the cretaceous period….)

  • Will has a huge stack of animal and dinosaur flash cards, he carries them everywhere and apparently they are in a certain order: “I organized my cards by the ones that have teeth and the ones that don’t.  And the ones that have horns.  And then the meat eaters and leaf eaters.”  There is a lot of drama when they get out of order. 


  • Holding his fists up to Chris “let’s box, like this, with your freckles.”  He meant knuckles :)
  • I keep calling Will’s super hero figures “dolls” instead of action heroes.  He finally had enough and corrected me. “This is NOT a doll.  It’s an action figure.  They save people.  Dolls don’t!”


  • I love my umbrella.  But I don’t like it to get wet.”
  • After 7 days of rain…raining out all the holiday fun.
    W: “Momma, I think July 4th is over.”
    Me: “Why?”
    W: “Because it’s not raining anymore.”


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Kristi said...

Love his response about the action figures. Makes sense to me. :)