Sunday, July 07, 2013

Mister Wyatt {age 3}

Our birthday boy turns 3 today.  I cannot believe the baby is now 3!  He is no longer a baby or toddler, we now have a preschooler.  How is that possible?!

color: black (use to be brown, but he’s switched)
book: (this week) Are You My Mother? or any Thomas book
show/movie: Thomas.  And Tow Mater Tales
toys: trains, cars, balls
animal: Wyatt (I told him he wasn’t an animal, and he said “Yes, I AM an animal!”)
song: Wheels on the Bus
drink: milk (I think he drinks most of the milk around here)
food: cereal, pancakes, hot dogs, crackers, graham crackers and vanilla wafers
nickname: I’ve tried a few nicknames out on him and he always says “No, I’m just Wyatt”.  And he says his name
Favorite thing to say Come play trains with me.  Sit down there.  Don’t touch that one. 


Wyatt is our class clown.  Quick to make a funny to get attention.  Loves to laugh, and to have you laugh with him.  He has a quick temper.  And is my worst eater, haha.  He hates the camera on my phone, but is okay with the real one.  But he is quick to tell me “that’s enough” when it’s time to put it up.  Thank goodness he will usually give me a good smile once or twice. 


We love this stinker, I cannot imagine our family without him!

And just for fun…..the red chair pics.  Wyatt-004wyatt monthly pics1

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Kristi said...

Happy birthday "just Wyatt!"