Sunday, July 07, 2013

Happy Birthday!

Sunday morning Wyatt woke up to a room full of green balloons.  And I could hear over the monitor was “Happy Birthday” over and over.  Wyatt kept saying it to himself.

He was excited to see that it was finally time for his “Thomas party”.  Table cloth and balloon equal a Thomas party :)  Next we celebrated with birthday waffles.

Unknown Person

Wyatt celebrated again in Sunday School by having cupcakes with his friends, before moving up to the 3 year old class!

After church we had a birthday lunch with Mimi and Poppy.  All he cared about were presents.  He talked about it all morning.  So he barely touched his cake or ice cream. He was thrilled with his Cars, Thomas and train gifts.  And finally got a garbage truck of his very own.  (Will has one that he is envious of…..)

(The cake was a big ole FAIL.  I don’t even want to mention it, but it was a Thomas cake…..)

2013-07-07 Wy 3rd bday (41)

Wyatt-0062013-07-07 Wy 3rd bday (53)

And one more big gift when we got back home…..a big boy bike. 

2013-07-07 Wy 3rd bday (61)

2013-07-07 Wy 3rd bday (65)

A few spins around the garage, thanks to the rain, and Wyatt was pedaling on his own (with training wheels, of course). 

2013-07-07 Wy 3rd bday (69)

Happy Birthday #3 !!!!


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