Thursday, July 18, 2013

firsts and fun

All summer I have said I was going to brave the pool with all 3 kids by myself.  But I didn’t attempt that till this week.  I won’t be humble, I am PROUD of myself!  I was super intimidated taking all three at once and had put it off as long as possible.  But with only a few weeks till school starts I had to take the plunge.

I never stopped moving the two hours we were there, but the kids had a great time!  Though I did time it wrong. 2 out of 3 fell asleep on the 10 minute ride home and then were grumpy when I woke them up to get out of the car.  Lesson learned, we need to go earlier or later in the day next time.

photo (1)

Next up on our fun week….Ella’s first motion picture!  We finally took advantage of the summer movies for kids.  Ella was excited and seemed to enjoy herself.  I think her favorite part was the popcorn though.  It wasn’t a long movie (Madagascar) but she was asking to leave before it ended. But she hung in there and made it to the end. Will was having the greatest time.  Like his Daddy, he loves a movie at the theater.


Wyatt is not quite ready to sit thru a moving picture, so he went off on his own adventure with Mimi.  The Lionel Collector Convention was in town and had a giant display set up.  Armed with his own step stool, Wyatt had the best time watching the giant display. 


Safe to say our kiddos crossed a lot of things off their “Summer Fun Things To Do” list this week!

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