Tuesday, June 11, 2013

say what? {Mister Wilson}

Will was retelling that day’s lesson at church about Samson.  He was talking about his hair and we asked what happened to it.  He said “a Philistine woman named Alaska cut his hair off”.  The next time he retold the story it was Delilah. Not sure how he confused the two but it gave us a good laugh.

Will has been obsessed with the nature show, North America. While watching with Chris one night they talked about storms.  Will offered this up: "hurricanes are like an elephant, with 50 friends.  you just can't stop 'em."


Making a lunch request, “cheese sandwich without the bread please”.  After further questioning it turns out he wanted different bread than I was holding.  But it was a long few minutes as we argued about how he could not just have cheese for lunch.

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Dottie said...

So cute! Where does he get that?