Friday, June 14, 2013

phone friday

Time to clean off the phone again…

Will convinced Ella to take a spin on his Hog.


Which means Wyatt finally got a turn on a bike.  Don’t worry about him, he hasn’t been waiting with envy all these months. He normally is not a fan of the bikes.  But this time, for at least 5 minutes, he decided he liked it.  And then promptly returned to not liking it.  Go figure.


After months of Will begging to go back to the library, we finally made it.  (For the record, it costs $$$ to join our library so that is why we haven’t been…..But we jumped at the chance to join at summer rates.)


We picked the perfect day to go to story time, this weeks theme was dinosaurs!  The bigs loved it, Wyatt tolerated it.


W and E came home and immediately dug into their book choices.  And we have already met our first goal for the summer reading program!


Ella got a Dora hair kit.  Will quickly snatched it up and helped her out.  He took his role very seriously.


Just a random day at the store.  I no longer have kidlets willing to ride in the buggy.  So my job just got harder!  The sweet moments of hand holding almost made up for the trouble they caused….


These two ended up back in the buggy when at one point I lost them.  I didn’t really lose them...  But I turned my back to reach for chips and they disappeared.  Luckily, I heard them giggling.  They had found an opening behind a few missing cases of Coke and quickly disappeared WAY behind there, giggling all the way.  I had to move cases out of the way to recover them.  You can imagine my pleasure at that experience ;)


This just makes me laugh….Ella was singing her ABC’s and Wyatt did not want her to sing.  He told her he did not like her song but she wouldn’t stop so I told him to cover his ears.  He covered his ears AND closed his eyes.  It didn’t help though, she kept on singing.


And an attempt at a family picture…… Not sure why Ella and Will have their tongues hanging out, but this is pretty normal these days.


Happy Friday!

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