Thursday, June 13, 2013

“I don’t care”

SONY DSC                       Last Saturday morning I had the rare opportunity to lay in bed and slowly wake up (which is the most glorious thing…).  The kids were running around, as usual, and out of no where I heard Ella say “I don’t care”.  Not in a mean way, just a matter of fact way.  Will was working on something and wanting her to tag along, which is pretty typical.  And even more typical is for Ella to be on board with anything Will offers up.

But this morning she decided what she was doing was way more important than copying her brother.  While this may not seem like a big deal, it’s HUGE in our house.  2013-06-03 (75)

Since coming home, Ella has almost always deferred to what her brothers are doing.  There is a rare occasion where she goes her own way but if one of them calls her over, she’s there in an instant, regardless if she was happy doing her own thing.  It was so extreme I have asked our counselor about it several times.  (It’s typical given her background….) But it just kills me to watch her ditch something she loves to do for something she doesn’t really care about.  But I think this “I don’t care” is the sign that we are turning a page in the Ella book.  I can’t wait to discover what it is that truly makes her happy!

2013-06-03 (215)

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