Friday, June 21, 2013

Dare I say it…..

I think our household is finished with diapers!  Trust me, I’m just as surprised as you are.

Back in April I attempted to train Wyatt.  I can’t remember why I gave up so quickly (4 hours later….).  Safe to say life was too stressful. 


But we attempted it again this week, with success! Let me back up, since the torturous training of Will I swore I’d never train Wyatt.  My plan was to wait until he woke up one day and said “undies please”.  Obviously, that never happened.  Instead he started doing some private business in the potty daily.  <ahem>  It definitely was nice not having to change stinky diapers anymore.  And then he started randomly asking to go a lot.  Yet I still kept my head in the sand about it.  I had no desire to sync up 3 kids bladders every time I needed to leave the house. 

But Wyatt persisted.  And then we went to the pool on Friday and he demanded to go to the potty every little bit.  And then we went to the lake, where again, he demanded to be taken up the giant hill every.single.time he had to go.

Monday rolled around and I decided if I didn’t at least attempt it then I was a fool.  So, I grabbed a few new pairs of Thomas and said here you go son.   He had 3 accidents in that morning and has been dry ever since.  I even had to take him out in public on day 2 for a four hour appointment and he was a true champ.  It has been 5 days now, and I guess I will declare him a “big boy” now. 

Praise the Lord for this slight, insignificant, but incredible gift….easy potty training. 

I’m guessing now that he’s a big boy it’s no longer appropriate to show his hiney anymore.  So here it is one last (1)

I’m suddenly feeling rich, all this diaper money in my pocket nowWinking smile


Angie said...

Brag, brag, brag... I love though! So glad for the Turner household!!

Kristi said...

Love that diaper money in the pocket, don't you! I remember how excited we were when our little one finally decided the potty was better than diapers. :)