Thursday, June 06, 2013

3 mini-me’s


Will - We were talking about something, chores or a schedule.  And he said “I have a great idea.  Let’s make a chart!”  I wanted to run out and get poster board and stickers! 

Ella - First, her sweet tooth is stronger than mine.  I could stop there.  But her love of baking is pretty high too.  She also loves organizing. Be still my heart! 


Wyatt - We were all playing downstairs together and he came up to me and asked “Can I go upstairs and play by myself?”. As an only child and a homebody, this speaks volumes to me.  Wyatt LOVES alone time.  He could play for hours alone.  Alone time is something I crave, even before kids.  I get Wyatt’s need for peace.

I love that there is a little of me in each of these three.  DNA or no DNA.

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