Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Wyatt and Ella vs the Hose (Wilson)

I don’t think I need to say much about these pictures :)

Will was helping Chris wash something.   The little kids never asked for a turn with the hose.

Will really enjoyed having all the control.  Look at that face!

water1photo 2 (1) - Copywaterphoto 3 - Copywaterphoto 5 - Copy

Despite how it looks, Chris was NOT spraying Ella.  He was just rinsing his hands.

water2photo 2 (1) - Copywater2photo 3 - Copywater3photo 2 (1) - Copywater4photo 4 - Copywater1photo 4 - Copy

Somehow no one got hurt, complained, or cried!  It was all smiles.

water2photo 1 (3) - Copy

I guess Will was feeling left out and sprayed himself.  This from the boy who cannot stand to get his face wet in the bath.

water3photo 4 - Copy

Next time we’re giving them bars of soap and calling it bath time.

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