Saturday, May 25, 2013

the year in review

Here is Mister W on the first day of pre-K and on the last. 

It has been a good year.  And the biggest part, other than learning real school skills, is that he learned to carry his backpack AND lunch box.  This is huge for the Mister. 

12 will

His teacher gave him a memory book on the last day.  Such sweet pictures in it, I am thrilled to have this.  Here are a few of my favorites:


Community Workers Day, a visit from the firemen.


Will’s BFF Jackson.  They happened to wear matching shirts one day.


Love that his favorite thing to see is books.  He falls asleep every night on a stack of books.
And apparently Goats made quite an impact…..




Mrs Amy said that Will and Jackson are hugging one minute and annoying each other the next.


The end of the year party included Happy Meals.  And apparently crashed the girls table.  Love everything about the look on his face and his pose.


And here are the answers to a few questions…..glad I’m good at making food!


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