Tuesday, May 28, 2013

the rest of the weekend pictures

The beginning and ending of a lake weekend looks like this.  A pile of bags and backpacks.  I thought we’d have fewer bags once most of the kids were out of diapers and less baby gear was required.  But I was wrong, now the kids fill their bags FULL of their special toys and books.

2013-05-25-26 Mem Wknd (130)

Last year I made a comment on the end of the year croc pile, wondering what colors we’d have in this summers collection.  Without trying, the kids ended up with the same exact colors as last year. However, this year, I could not get them to keep their shoes on!  So now we have a lot of splinters in tiny feet.

2013-05-25-26 Mem Wknd (75)

Sunday brought more pool fun and more water gun shooting.  Wyatt was up to something here.2013-009

The kids all loved the paddle boat this year.  My dream come true!  We took multiple rides.

2013-05-25-26 Mem Wknd (89)

But all weekend long Wyatt wanted to ride the big boat.  Sunday was his day to take it for a spin.  He was in his happy spot, behind the steering wheel!

2013-05-25-26 Mem Wknd (141)

And what is a visit to the lake without a few dog pictures.  Rylie makes himself at home.

2013-05-25-26 Mem Wknd (103)

And this just cracks me up. 

2013-05-25-26 Mem Wknd (110)

Will takes his Cheez Its seriously.  Ella was excited to intrude on his snack fest.

2013-05-25-26 Mem Wknd (106)

After our boat ride it was time to pack up and head up.  I can’t believe all this is needed for a 36 hour trip away from home.  (There is also stuff hidden beneath in the cargo space).  I cannot imagine what a week long vacation would look like!

2013-05-25-26 Mem Wknd (127)

And as expected, Wilson and Ella fell fast asleep on the way home.  Ella before we even got out of the neighborhood!  Will a short while later.  He ended up sleeping FIVE hours, waking up at 10pm.  And then he went back to bed about 90 minutes later.  The sun wears him out!

2013-05-25-26 Mem Wknd (128)

I should probably stop and say a big THANKS to my Mom and Dad. Thee put up with our crazy crew on the weekends.  Long gone are their quiet weekends away, though I don’t think they are complaining.  But one of the best parts (for me) is the fact that we have at least 1 adult per kid for a few days.  And they are early risers, as are the kids, so there is always someone awake when the first one gets up.  :)

It was a wonderful start to our summer!  I cannot wait to see what adventures and fun this summer brings.

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