Wednesday, May 22, 2013

the first of many…

From what I hear, this is the first of MANY graduations.  I’m not sure if his school does K graduation next year, we’ll find out soon enough.  Anyway, the first few chords of Pomp and Circumstance came on and if I had any inkling of getting teary it soon passed because Wyatt decided he was not having any part of sitting still.  So this is the only picture I got of Will walking in.He was the last and came in with his BFF Jackson.

2013-05-21 PreK grad (68)

They went on stage and two very quick songs (to thankful!).  Will gets all into the singing, so proud of him!  Though he refuses to go to preschool choir at church.


Will was the first kid in Mrs Amy’s class to walk across stage so he didn’t stop and pose like everyone else did.  He grabbed his scroll and ran!

2013-05-21 PreK grad (32)

Thankfully I was able to get a picture with her afterwards.  We were so blessed by Mrs Amy this year.  She was the perfect teacher for our Mister Wilson this year.

2013-05-21 PreK grad (73)

Will and siblings after the big ceremony.  Wyatt and Ella had no clue why they were there.  The only thing on their mind was the giant table filled with cupcakes!

2013-05-21 PreK grad (39)

We got to spend the morning with both Mimi and Nana. 

2013-05-21 PreK grad (50)

Will came a long way this year.  He loved going to school and loved his teacher!  We are so proud of him.

2013-05-21 PreK grad (53)2013-05-21 PreK grad (62)2013-05-21 PreK grad (58)

Watch out Kindergarten, here we come!!!

2013-05-21 PreK grad (64)

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