Friday, May 17, 2013

summer summer summer-time

It’s finally warm!  The kids are asking to go outside from the moment they wake up until they go to bed at night.
Well, they don’t go to bed outside.  But we pretended to camp for awhile.
Ella has really taken a liking to being outside.  Specifically, with worms.
She spends hours every single day digging.  Sometimes completely by herself.  Which, for her, is unheard of. This is HUGE!  Since she rarely does anything without “my brothers”.
photo worm5
The boys enjoy digging too.  And are often along side Ella.  They just get bored a lot quicker.
When we first moved here I wondered what in the world we would do with a three-tiered flower bed.  It was daunting to think of planting and keeping up this many flower beds (in addition to the others around the house).  So it has remained mostly bare.
Right now, this is perfect for my digging crew. 
Especially, the top level.  Which is over run with mint.  I’m happy to let the kids dig that up!
Here’s too a long, muddy and wormy summer!


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