Thursday, May 09, 2013

say what {trio}

Wyatt walked in the kitchen and sneezed. I asked if he was okay. He said the sun scared him. I had to agree it was a shock to see it after days of rain.
The next day we were talking about the clouds and that it might rain.  He said he was sad, and that he wanted it to be warm again.  And sunny.  Made me laugh, I didn’t realize Wyatt was so attuned to weather.
 photo 2
At the hardware store and the cashier asked Ella her name.  She immediately responded “Baby cakes”.  I called her that once and from that point on she decided it was the perfect name.  And she often corrects me if I call her anything else.  Today she said I could only call her Ella Wei or Baby cakes.
Will dressed Ella this day.  She was thrilled with her outfit, and that it fit perfectly.

photo 1

Will:  When am I going to lose a baby tooth?  I really want to get that quarter!  The tooth fairy will be relieved to know he’s only expecting a quarter!

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