Sunday, May 19, 2013

park fun

Just a random picture post for the grandparents/aunts :) 
I’m finally going thru the pictures from Mother’s Day.  These are a few funnies from our outing.

The Three Musketeers taking their loyalty seriously.  Poor Jack didn’t have a chance with these 3.  I’m hoping it was a friendly tackle.

2013-05-12 (31)

Despite Chris’s smiling face, Wyatt was pitching a big ole fit.  He was NOT DONE at the playground!  It makes me laugh.  This is so Wyatt at this age. 

2013-05-12 (45)

Fit quickly ended.  And he’s all smiles now.


Meryl has been perfecting her spinning skills.  And Ella was happy to be her #1 subject.

I remember spinning my cousins, Nicole and Renee, often when we were little. 

Cousin bonding at it’s best!



She gave Wyatt a spin too.  He’s quite a bit heavier, so he didn’t come off the ground quite as easy.  She didn’t give up though.


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