Saturday, May 04, 2013

parade time

Friday we had a cousin outing to view the Armed Forces Day parade.  Chris joined us too since it was right next to work. 

In high school I marched with the band in this parade but I really had no idea what all was included other than a few bands.  Turns out it’s quite a long parade. There were dozens of JROTC groups marching.  Along with some military vehicles and lots of motorcycles.

Thanks Renee for letting me steal these pics.

Will’s favorite was the motorcycles and the “REAL” Army men.  He said he should have worn his army man shirt.  He loved seeing all of them.

Wyatt’s favorite part was the abundance of motorcycles.  Along with all the cars and trucks.


Ella’s favorite also included motorcycles and one extremely “lively” band.  Poor girl about came out of her seat with excitement with this particular band.  That said, I felt like I should cover the kids eyes at some of the dancing we saw from them.


It was a fun kickoff to the summer, and all the upcoming patriotic holidays.

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