Sunday, May 12, 2013


This is my fifth year being celebrated on Mother’s Day.  Five years ago Will was only a month old, and the parental rights had just been terminated.  Such an emotional weekend.

This Sunday working with the 2 year olds in church.  A very chaotic morning :)  But I enjoyed it.

2013-05-12 (8)

The kids bought me my most favorite flower, hydrangeas.  They had a hard time keeping it a secret though.

2013-05-12 (4)

When I got Wyatt up from his nap Saturday, the first thing he asked was “daddy give you your flower yet?”. 


2013-05-12 MDay am (1)

I woke up Sunday morning and Ella was hanging out on the couch with Chris.  She said “Happy Mother’s Day” and mumbled something about a flower.  Chris was disappointed that the surprise was out, I had to tell him I already knew.

2013-05-12 MDay am (2)

We spent the rest of the day celebrating.  Having lunch with Mimi.  And later, a picnic dinner with Nana.

It was a wonderful, beautiful day.

Notice my 3 are the ones not cooperating.  Figures.2013-05-12 (70)


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