Tuesday, May 07, 2013

how can it be?!


Monday brought Kindergarten registration for Mister Wilson.  How can he be old enough for this already? I’m equal parts excited and sad about this.  Mostly excited.  But I will miss having so much free time with my Buddy.  And then there are all the worries most parents have about sending them off to school.  Just praying for guidance as we navigate these new waters.

So Monday was nothing big other than filling out a form with his basic info on it.  And signing him up for a testing date.  And getting a mile long supply list (insane!).  The mom beside me thought it was $300 worth.  Which I totally get but was amused by how specific the items were on the list. 



Any morning we need to leave early I lay out the kids clothes….and as usual, Will ditched my choices for his own. I’m giving in to character clothing. For the record, I am NOT a fan but if it makes him happy……

August 9th will be here very very soon!



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