Friday, May 31, 2013

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Wyatt and Ella vs the Hose (Wilson)

I don’t think I need to say much about these pictures :)

Will was helping Chris wash something.   The little kids never asked for a turn with the hose.

Will really enjoyed having all the control.  Look at that face!

water1photo 2 (1) - Copywaterphoto 3 - Copywaterphoto 5 - Copy

Despite how it looks, Chris was NOT spraying Ella.  He was just rinsing his hands.

water2photo 2 (1) - Copywater2photo 3 - Copywater3photo 2 (1) - Copywater4photo 4 - Copywater1photo 4 - Copy

Somehow no one got hurt, complained, or cried!  It was all smiles.

water2photo 1 (3) - Copy

I guess Will was feeling left out and sprayed himself.  This from the boy who cannot stand to get his face wet in the bath.

water3photo 4 - Copy

Next time we’re giving them bars of soap and calling it bath time.

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

the rest of the weekend pictures

The beginning and ending of a lake weekend looks like this.  A pile of bags and backpacks.  I thought we’d have fewer bags once most of the kids were out of diapers and less baby gear was required.  But I was wrong, now the kids fill their bags FULL of their special toys and books.

2013-05-25-26 Mem Wknd (130)

Last year I made a comment on the end of the year croc pile, wondering what colors we’d have in this summers collection.  Without trying, the kids ended up with the same exact colors as last year. However, this year, I could not get them to keep their shoes on!  So now we have a lot of splinters in tiny feet.

2013-05-25-26 Mem Wknd (75)

Sunday brought more pool fun and more water gun shooting.  Wyatt was up to something here.2013-009

The kids all loved the paddle boat this year.  My dream come true!  We took multiple rides.

2013-05-25-26 Mem Wknd (89)

But all weekend long Wyatt wanted to ride the big boat.  Sunday was his day to take it for a spin.  He was in his happy spot, behind the steering wheel!

2013-05-25-26 Mem Wknd (141)

And what is a visit to the lake without a few dog pictures.  Rylie makes himself at home.

2013-05-25-26 Mem Wknd (103)

And this just cracks me up. 

2013-05-25-26 Mem Wknd (110)

Will takes his Cheez Its seriously.  Ella was excited to intrude on his snack fest.

2013-05-25-26 Mem Wknd (106)

After our boat ride it was time to pack up and head up.  I can’t believe all this is needed for a 36 hour trip away from home.  (There is also stuff hidden beneath in the cargo space).  I cannot imagine what a week long vacation would look like!

2013-05-25-26 Mem Wknd (127)

And as expected, Wilson and Ella fell fast asleep on the way home.  Ella before we even got out of the neighborhood!  Will a short while later.  He ended up sleeping FIVE hours, waking up at 10pm.  And then he went back to bed about 90 minutes later.  The sun wears him out!

2013-05-25-26 Mem Wknd (128)

I should probably stop and say a big THANKS to my Mom and Dad. Thee put up with our crazy crew on the weekends.  Long gone are their quiet weekends away, though I don’t think they are complaining.  But one of the best parts (for me) is the fact that we have at least 1 adult per kid for a few days.  And they are early risers, as are the kids, so there is always someone awake when the first one gets up.  :)

It was a wonderful start to our summer!  I cannot wait to see what adventures and fun this summer brings.

Sunday, May 26, 2013

Memorial Weekend (part 1)

I say it every year.  I L.O.V.E. summer holidays.  No expectations.  No gifts to purchase.  No crazy schedules to keep. Excess food (cooked or consumed) is not required.  What's not to love?!  Just time with our family and relaxing.

Growing up, summer holidays meant time at the lake with my family.  Usually cousins, Nicole and Renee, joined us.  And usually a flock of my current best friends.  And in college, Chris joined us.  He wasn’t sure what to think about all this “relaxing” time.  Everyone with their nose in a book/magazine.  Not a lot of talking.  Lots of naps.  Lots of sun and water.  But after a few years he learned to enjoy it.  And now I think it’s safe to say he even looks forwards to the down time on the weekends away.  And when I say down time, I mean it.  There are only a few channels on the TV, only a few stations on the radio and no internet. 

Of course, with 3 kiddos in tow it’s not exactly peaceful and relaxing as it once was.  But the idea is the same.  A weekend without any requirements, other than sunscreen and life jackets.

Saturday, all three kiddos were able to find their happy place and for the first time, in a long time, everyone had a HAPPY day.  Not a ton of fighting.  Lots of helping.  And more sharing than normal.  A perfect holiday!

Working towards a common goal:  Soaking Riley.
2013-05-25-26 Mem Wknd (13)

Ella was the brave one who got in the water.  She didn’t stay in very long, but she kept checking to see if it was any warmer.  She even convinced Chris to join her.  Both quickly deciding it was still spring time.


Turns out our girl, who loves worms, loves fishing too!2013-05-25-26 Mem Wknd (125)

I’m not sure if she was more excited about the bucket of worms for fishing, or the fish.  Either way, she was a happy camper this weekend!

The boys got in on the fishing as well.


But Mommy and Ella brought in the first fish this weekend!  I’m sure it had something to do with her brand new pink fishing rod.


More fun pictures of our weekend, but I will save them for another post.  All the fun has left me exhausted :)

Saturday, May 25, 2013

the year in review

Here is Mister W on the first day of pre-K and on the last. 

It has been a good year.  And the biggest part, other than learning real school skills, is that he learned to carry his backpack AND lunch box.  This is huge for the Mister. 

12 will

His teacher gave him a memory book on the last day.  Such sweet pictures in it, I am thrilled to have this.  Here are a few of my favorites:


Community Workers Day, a visit from the firemen.


Will’s BFF Jackson.  They happened to wear matching shirts one day.


Love that his favorite thing to see is books.  He falls asleep every night on a stack of books.
And apparently Goats made quite an impact…..




Mrs Amy said that Will and Jackson are hugging one minute and annoying each other the next.


The end of the year party included Happy Meals.  And apparently crashed the girls table.  Love everything about the look on his face and his pose.


And here are the answers to a few questions…..glad I’m good at making food!


Friday, May 24, 2013

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

the first of many…

From what I hear, this is the first of MANY graduations.  I’m not sure if his school does K graduation next year, we’ll find out soon enough.  Anyway, the first few chords of Pomp and Circumstance came on and if I had any inkling of getting teary it soon passed because Wyatt decided he was not having any part of sitting still.  So this is the only picture I got of Will walking in.He was the last and came in with his BFF Jackson.

2013-05-21 PreK grad (68)

They went on stage and two very quick songs (to thankful!).  Will gets all into the singing, so proud of him!  Though he refuses to go to preschool choir at church.


Will was the first kid in Mrs Amy’s class to walk across stage so he didn’t stop and pose like everyone else did.  He grabbed his scroll and ran!

2013-05-21 PreK grad (32)

Thankfully I was able to get a picture with her afterwards.  We were so blessed by Mrs Amy this year.  She was the perfect teacher for our Mister Wilson this year.

2013-05-21 PreK grad (73)

Will and siblings after the big ceremony.  Wyatt and Ella had no clue why they were there.  The only thing on their mind was the giant table filled with cupcakes!

2013-05-21 PreK grad (39)

We got to spend the morning with both Mimi and Nana. 

2013-05-21 PreK grad (50)

Will came a long way this year.  He loved going to school and loved his teacher!  We are so proud of him.

2013-05-21 PreK grad (53)2013-05-21 PreK grad (62)2013-05-21 PreK grad (58)

Watch out Kindergarten, here we come!!!

2013-05-21 PreK grad (64)

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

it’s that time

Tuesday is a big day for Mister W!

more pics to come ……


Monday, May 20, 2013

Ella Wei {current favorites and happenings}


Favorite Books:  Corduroy; Cinderella; Brown Bear, Brown Bear

She loves Corduroy so much that Will, who is not a fan, has it memorized. 


Ella went to her very first wedding in May.  She was thrilled to have Daddy as her date.

Ella’s hair is growing fast these days.  And she finally tolerates almost any type of hair decoration (except head bands).  She even sleeps with her hair up.  This is her post-nap ‘do. 

Silly face, swatting at gnats.

Food: Broccoli (cooked, not raw), Oranges, Ham/Cheese, pickles, yogurt covered raisins, chips/salsa, tacos.

TV Shows:  Bubble Guppies, Team Umizoomi, Little Einsteins, Super Why, Curious George
We’re about to cut the cable so she better start loving George and Why!

Ella can almost say all of her ABC’s.  She just gets hung up every 4th letter or so.  And she can count to 12!

Ella’s favorite songs: Twinkle, Twinkle.  Old MacDonald.  It’s Bitsy Teenie Weenie Yellow Polka Dot Bikini**

**That song! If only I had known I was going to start something….Her sheets are polka dotted, her quilt has dots, her curtains have dots (all unintentionally….they are not a set).  And one night she had on polka dot PJs.   I couldn’t help myself but to sing the song.  And she thought it was the greatest thing EVER.  So did the boys.  I had to sing it a dozen times that night while they all danced.  It is now on my ipod and we listen to it every time we get in the car.  I even catch Will singing it when he thinks no one is around.  No one has asked what a bikini is yet.  Though they do ask why “she wanted to stay in the water”. 


Sunday, May 19, 2013

park fun

Just a random picture post for the grandparents/aunts :) 
I’m finally going thru the pictures from Mother’s Day.  These are a few funnies from our outing.

The Three Musketeers taking their loyalty seriously.  Poor Jack didn’t have a chance with these 3.  I’m hoping it was a friendly tackle.

2013-05-12 (31)

Despite Chris’s smiling face, Wyatt was pitching a big ole fit.  He was NOT DONE at the playground!  It makes me laugh.  This is so Wyatt at this age. 

2013-05-12 (45)

Fit quickly ended.  And he’s all smiles now.


Meryl has been perfecting her spinning skills.  And Ella was happy to be her #1 subject.

I remember spinning my cousins, Nicole and Renee, often when we were little. 

Cousin bonding at it’s best!



She gave Wyatt a spin too.  He’s quite a bit heavier, so he didn’t come off the ground quite as easy.  She didn’t give up though.