Wednesday, April 03, 2013

zoo break

We made the most of a long weekend with Daddy and headed to the zoo.  I did not take my camera because we’ve been more times than I can count and there are no new pictures to take.  Of course, I didn’t realize a new exhibit had opened up and the kids were ALL about the desert animals.  Figures.

We’ll have to settle for memories captured on my phone….

The meerkats were a HIT! With all three kids.


And Wyatt was smitten with the Sand Cats, which just looked like a giant house cat. He love them and kept saying “so cute”.  He stayed by this window for awhile.  But his favorite was the desert fox but I didn’t catch that.  This is the first time he’s expressed an interest in the zoo.


All three were thrilled to have bonus Daddy time!


Wyatt’s first carousel ride!  He is normally terrified of the loud music but it was so crowded that it seemed quieter than usual. 


I won’t lie….I don’t remember if this is Ella’s first ride.  I’m pretty sure it is.  We usually skip the carousel because of Wyatt. So let’s say this is a first. She was thrilled.


Look at my three, happy and riding side by side!