Sunday, April 28, 2013

Wyatt’s #1 train

We followed the masses of devoted parents and took our train lover to a “Day out with Thomas”.  So be prepared for lots of references to strange train characters :)

Thomas was in town for 3 weekends in a row.  Having that many opportunities to see him stressed me out so we went the first day, despite the cold and rain.  I was afraid life would get in the way so we had a free Saturday and jumped at the chance.  We had hoped it wouldn’t be crowded due to weather. I have no idea if that theory worked, it was pretty crowded.   (We did not actually ride Thomas….we just went to see him up close and personal.)

Mister Wyatt was so excited to catch his first glimpse of the #1 blue engine!  He (Wy) made all sorts of excited squeals.  He was excited to see his smoke, hear his whistle and see his light.

Chris thought the rain was out of the area for a bit….so no coat.  And I convinced him not to bring the umbrella b/c we all had our raincoats on.  Clearly we are a power couple in the decision department.  It rained the whole time. 


We got to see “Cranky” the crane too.  Though Will and Wyatt were both quick to point out that his face was missing.


We waited in line to see and stand in front of Thomas.  By this point Will had decided he was NOT going to have anything to do with Thomas.  Or anything else we did that morning.  So he’s missing from all the pics.

But Ella and Wyatt were thrilled to stand in front of the big guy. 



Then we stood in line to meet Sir Topham Hatt.  He was in a tent so I wasn’t sure who we were going to meet.  We thought he was an inflatable but there was someone real in there.  Kinda odd looking.  Thankfully the kids were not afraid.

Wyatt and Ella took forever to say goodbye to him.

IMG_6253Wyatt refused to wear a hood so his head was soaked, but he never complained. 


The regular coal train was also running that morning so we were able to watch it leave as well.  Wyatt LOVES the smoke.


One last goodbye to our favorite blue engine.IMG_6248

Once home we had hot chocolate, popcorn and hot dogs to warm up with.  (kids request).  And a fireplace to get toasty.  Mister Wilson was once again a happy camper.

But Wyatt headed straight upstairs to reenact train stories.  We didn’t hear a peep out of him for an hour.  He was the happiest little boy!


A day with Thomas was a success.  If anyone wants to take him back the next 2 weekends…Wyatt is available :)

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