Saturday, April 13, 2013

Will’s day

Weekend birthdays are the BEST!  We celebrated all day long.

We started the morning off with a gift…..a special Darth Vader to hold all his super heroes in.

2013-04-07 wills day (4)

Followed by birthday pancakes.  (my candles were way too tall)

2013-04-07 wills day (8)

Will wore his pirate shirt to church, where everyone wished him a happy birthday.

We opened more gifts after lunch.  Wyatt “gave” Will a movie.

2013-04-07 wills day (14)

And Ella picked out this Yoda for him.  He loved it.

2013-04-07 wills day (11)

Will also got a “cashter register”, as he calls it.  He loves playing store.  It has a scale that has pictures on it.  So he is weighing things and announcing what it weighs, “this apple weighs grapes on the stem!”  Or “this plate weighs a banana!” 

2013-04-07 wills day (48)

And I fell victim to an infomercial.  What can I say, this screamed Mister Wilson.  It’s called a stuffie.  A giant stuffed animal (winner), with 7 pockets for hiding things (double winner).  Perfect for any 5 year old hoarder. 

2013-04-07 wills day (45)

We also enjoyed his pirate cake.  Though I didn’t get any actual pictures.  But we replaced the pretzel “cannons” with candles.  Will thought that was awesome!2013-04-06 Will's pirate party (5)

We had a great weekend spoiling our 5 year old Mister.

Will is quick to ask how many more birthdays till it’s mine again.  It was quite a long list.  Up next is Nana’s.  And then the countdown begins for Mister Wyatt’s!

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