Friday, April 19, 2013

spring program

Will’s end-of-the-year school program was this week.  As usual, he was tight lipped about what he was singing.  I had a feeling his songs had some motions because he’s been showing off some new moves lately.

We happened to sit near him in the sanctuary.  He was grinning when he spotted us.  He may of gotten in a bit of trouble goofing off with his buddies while waiting to go on stage.

2013-04-18 W preK spring pgm B(1)

Mister did a great job, sang all the songs and did ALL the motions.  So proud of him!


Following the music show was the art show.  He proudly showed us his art.  His class did The Very Lazy Ladybug. 

2013-04-18 W preK spring pgm (13)

2013-04-18 W preK spring pgm (19)

We are winding down Mister Wilson’s pre-school year.  Graduation is in May.  Along with Kindergarten pre-registration!!!!!!  This is going way too fast!

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