Tuesday, April 02, 2013

spring break science fun

Chris was off for the last part of spring break.  So we headed south to a nearby science museum.  Now, I know that my 3 were a bit young for the museum.  But given Will’s love with dinosaurs I wanted him to see them up close and personal (while he still loves them).

We got there too early, and it was soo cold out.  Will is MISERABLE here.

2013-03-29 Tellus Museum (6)

There were several field trips there so we didn’t get to see the dinos first.  Instead we headed to a room about transportation.  BIG mistake.

2013-03-29 Tellus Museum (9)

This exhibit (Will’s new favorite word) contained a small train.  Wyatt was in heaven.  He was so disappointed that he could only look and not touch.  One of us had to stay with him the entire time and keep him off the train.

2013-03-29 Tellus Museum (31)

And ended up just taking turns standing with him while the other kids went off to look around.  Wyatt did not want to leave this train alone. 

2013-03-29 Tellus Museum (38)

At one point we were able to pull Wyatt away from the train.  We went to the hands-on area where touching was encouraged.  I don’t remember what he was looking at here but obviously a magnify glass was needed. 

2013-03-29 Tellus Museum (25)

We also had a chance to pan for gems (aka Wyatt’s own splash pool).  And we dug for fossils (aka Wyatt throwing sand).  Everyone managed to collect a few gems and fossils so that was a hit.

2013-03-29 Tellus Museum (47)

And for the real reason we went…….FOSSILS!

2013-03-29 Tellus Museum (19)

This cracks me up of Wyatt.  He was staring at the TRex’s mouth.

2013-03-29 Tellus Museum (22)

Will was VERY excited to see his friends.  He was grinning when he first saw the dinos.  I think it was the same smile he had when he met Mickey for the first time!

2013-03-29 Tellus Museum (55)

2013-03-29 Tellus Museum (16)2013-03-29 Tellus Museum (61)

We had a very fun time at the museum, even if Wyatt was their wildest visitor.  It’s safe to say we won’t be going back until the kids are a bit older.  But I am so glad we went.  Will loved it!

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